Product Development

We work as part of a global team focusing on the design and development of new products, taking responsibility for the full product development lifecycle from initial concept to successful launch. We are innovative and creative. We move quickly and love simplicity.

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“Working as a Product Designer at Flashbay is a rewarding experience in many ways. For starters, the company’s rapid expansion means there are always new products in the pipeline to be designed. Products that I have designed are released every month so my portfolio of work is forever increasing. I am project manager for each of my products, so I control the entire design development process from concept to manufactured product. The company spares no expense when it comes to equipment and hardware, providing the best tools for the job. The staff here are a great bunch; always friendly and dedicated to their work.” Dan, Product Designer, UK

Job Openings

We have no job openings at present. However if you would like to send us your CV, you can still do so.

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