FAQs Resellers

We mainly support the following types of business as Flashbay resellers:
  • Marketing, Advertising, Media and Creative Agencies wishing to offer our products as a value-added service to their existing clients.
  • Procurement companies wishing to source our products on behalf of their established customers.
The following types of businesses are not eligible to be Flashbay resellers:
  • Companies which use paid search marketing to advertise any products from product categories offered by Flashbay.
  • Companies which own or control website(s) which mainly offer products from product categories offered by Flashbay.
  • Companies which might otherwise reasonably be considered as a competitor to Flashbay
Flashbay ensures that our approved resellers receive the support they need to exceed their customer expectations.
  • Ever had to turn down business because your current supplier quoted a 2+ week lead time for an order you need in 5 days?
  • Or is your supplier actually a middleman taking your money up front to buy products not in stock?
They are both sad tales that we hear all the time. At Flashbay we believe in the cornerstones of good business practice.
  • We hold large stocks and have made the necessary investments to deliver your order on time and to specification.
  • Supported by our highly competitive reseller prices and excellent service we can help you to deliver a top notch service to your customer.
  • Our products are of the highest quality and our lead time for bulk orders of Logo-Branded Promotional Technology products beats the competition hands down.
  • No hassle order management: Easily manage your Branded Promotional Technology orders online.
  • Our Customer Centre allows you to see the status of your order instantly and track it all the way to your, or your customer's door